• Minister Ferguson and government ignoring clear dangers to staff and patients
• Staff and patient safety continues to be compromised
• Michael Ferguson just not listening to medical staff at the frontline
Frontline medical staff continue to be placed at risk and patients are unable to receive the best quality care almost a week after a string of unacceptable incidents in Tasmanian hospitals.
Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said five days after three staff at the Launceston General Hospital were assaulted and suffered injuries and nine Code Black alerts needed to be instigated within 24 hours because of serious threats to staff safety, Health Minister Michael Ferguson had failed to act.
“Nurses and others at the frontline are now being put in the preposterous position where they are having to beg Michael Ferguson for help,” Ms Lovell said.
“It’s a mystery what it will take for Michael Ferguson to finally act to ensure the safety of staff and patients, admit there is a crisis and put staff and patients first.
“It’s unacceptable he is ignoring the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine’s data showing Tasmania has some of the country’s worst emergency waiting times.
“Michael Ferguson knows – from the government’s own advice – that patients suffering mental ill health are waiting for up to six days at the Royal Hobart Hospital to receive care.
“Michael Ferguson has had ample warning that the situation is worsening and if he is not prepared to act, Premier Hodgman needs to step in.
“The lack of compassion and the lack of care and action has to end and ultimately it ends with Michael Ferguson finally – after more than four years as Health Minister – starting to listen.
“Mr Ferguson needs to start listening to clinicians, nurses and other staff at the frontline to get an understanding of the level of this crisis.
“The Hodgman Liberal Government needs to today ensure it is doing everything possible to keep staff and patients safe.”
Sarah Lovell MLC Shadow Health and Preventative Health Care Minister