When we speak this week, Victorian musician Sannia tells me she has a friend in Tasmania, more specifically Launceston and two years ago Sannia joined her friend in a bit of sightseeing around Tassie, including the lavender farms.

Continuing on from that flowery theme, things are certainly fragrant in Sannia’s life as she prepared to launch her new single ‘Go and Get Over’ on Friday July 13 at restaurant and events venue, Wesley Anne in Northcote.

‘Go and get over’ is a song exploring the process of breaking up realised in the excellent film clip directed by Giulia Giannini McGauran, which includes repetitive scenes of going through the motions of domesticity divided, surrounded by ordinary household objects, in the hue of blue, mirroring the mood of the couple coming to the end of a relationship going through the motions to a dramatic change over as Sannia starts throwing away the objects in anger with a red rag in hand that would be agreeable to any bull in a china shop. In the next section of the video, as she breaks away from her partner, Sannia is resplendent and covered in the passion of red, far removed from the dull blueness of before.

Music has always been part of Sannias life, both ‘playing piano’ to ‘singing loudly’ from an early age.

Sannia says musical inspiration sometimes comes to her like the muse tapping her shoulder and she recalls an evening driving the 40 minutes back from a gig at the peninsula singing slithers of a song over and over again so as not to forget them till she arrived home and had a stationery moment in the garage to write it down.

Sometimes songs will visit her in steam of consciousness and sometimes she will be inspired by normal activities like ‘café watching’ of ‘interesting people’.

Sannia tells me that if she hadn’t done music maybe she would have been a nurse as she is interested in helping and healing people, including using the healing power of music, with works like Chopin being documented for their healing power. One day Sannia may add to her musical qualifications with a doctorate on this topic.

Go and Get Out is out now.
Paula Xiberras