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Hobart’s own a stunning cappella songbirds, The Clementines, will present a heart-felt and thoughtful repertoire at the Cascades Female Factory as part of the Festival of Voices Pop Up program. The songs will pay homage to the form convict women of the Female Factory in South Hobart and celebrate their strength and tenacity.

Two performances are planned at 1pm on Saturday 7 July and 1pm on Sunday 8 July both running for 30 minutes.

The performance will weave together a beautiful repertoire of folk tunes and originals, including So Far Away, composed especially for this event. The Clementines reflect on the history of the World Heritage-listed historic site through song. Touching on themes of displacement, loss and courage, they celebrate the power and resilience of women through time.

Peter Choraziak, Festival Director is pleased to see the Pop Up program visiting iconic Hobart venues. Peter said:

“We are delighted to have dozens of pop-up choirs performing as part of the festival in and around the streets of Hobart and surrounds. Many of these are performed by those who just enjoy taking part in the festival so they can sing. We have enjoyed activating churches, museums, small and large venues and heritage spaces such as the Cascades Female Factory for this year’s event and look forward to hearing local folk artists sharing an original piece in this space over the weekend dedicated to all women who have passed through it.”

For a truly memorable day our combine the musical experience with a Heritage Tour or Her Story dramatised tour.

Visitors can enter the site for free as part of the festival. Those wishing to stay on and do a tour of the site are welcome, but normal prices apply. This event is part of Festival of Voices Pop-Up series of free performances. For more information visit

Cascades Female Factory is open from 9:30am-4pm daily with Heritage Tours running several times a day and the Her Story performance offered at 12 noon. For further details please feel welcome to contact our team via or 1800 139 478.

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