• Premier doesn’t deny claiming travel entitlements for Liberal fundraiser
• Hodgman claims he doesn’t know where he was or what he was doing for second week in a row
• First it was ABC sale vote, now Hodgman plays dumb over dubious travel entitlement claim

The Premier has not denied claiming $2000 of taxpayer money to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser in the middle of the election campaign.
This morning Premier Hodgman said he did not know his whereabouts at the time he claimed the four-figure sum for travel to the mainland in February.
“Tasmania deserves better than a Premier who claims he doesn’t know where he is at any given time or what he’s doing,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.
“There are serious questions to answer about whether Mr Hodgman has done a Bronwyn Bishop and used public funds to raise money for Liberal Party coffers.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader