• Premier Hodgman caught in the act with blatant lie to Parliament
• Premier Hodgman incapable of standing up for Tasmania and prepared to lie about it
• Premier Hodgman cannot be trusted on issues critical to Tasmania including GST
Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman lied to Parliament this morning about whether he was in the room when the Tasmanian Liberal delegation voted to sell the ABC.
Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly David O’Byrne said the Premier knowingly lied to the Tasmanian Parliament and resorted to weak weasel words when caught in the act.
“Premier Hodgman was asked why he didn’t stand up for the ABC to his party colleagues and intervene to stop this vote as leader of the Tasmanian delegation,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“Video evidence places the Premier at the scene of the crime – he obviously didn’t know this evidence existed and treated the Parliament with the same contempt he shows for Tasmanians and lied.
“Premier Hodgman is treating Tasmanians like mugs – he won’t fight for essential services, our share of the GST or for the ABC and he’s shown this morning that he’s prepared to lie about it.
“He’s too gutless to stand up as Tasmania’s leader and fight for us.
“He’s too weak to stand up to Eric Abetz.
“And then when questioned on the matter he knowingly lied.”
David O’Byrne MP Leader of Opposition Business