Letter to the Editor

There is no elephant in the room at Dover, but there are some very large Tassal salmon pens, which the Neville Smith group and all the Government officials, consultants and advisors somehow completely failed to notice ?

When anyone is checking out a new building site, the first thing to consider is any obvious problems or nearby issues, which could effect the viability of the project ?

So how could any capable administrators approve salmon leases for Tassal, and then grant rezoning of crown land right on top of the existing industry, a totally unworkable outcome for both companies ?

If The Government were to move Tassal to a new location, instead of Dover, it would mean the loss of around 400 jobs, and would be an economic disaster for the town !

The wood chip project has been some three years in the planning, so Will Hodgman should explain how this ludicrous situation happened, when a little foresight
and common sense could have avoided the problem.

Les Crawford

Les Crawford, Cygnet