It is worrying that the latest death on Nauru and the circumstances relating to this event have not been broadcast by the ABC. Have these events become too commonplace or is the national broadcaster underfunded? Perhaps it and all its editors have been captured by the Government’s agenda?

The ABC was informed of this event as detail came to hand.

It is true that the rate of extreme mental health breakdown and suicide in offshore transferees is exceptionally high. Many more of those assessed to be of “negative” refugee status after 5 years have become simply too hopeless and numb to function. Refugee advocates are deeply anxious and horrified by the failure of Government to act when lives are in the balance.

Fariborz Karami's deteriorating condition was known to #IHMS staff on #Nauru. The Australian Government insists that…

Posted by Lynne Murphy on Friday, 15 June 2018

Both PNG and Nauru are quite fragile or failed states. Nauru will not admit journalists. There is no appellant court in Nauru these days. Australia itself has horse-traded hostages for money. Australian and overseas contractors have retained and rehired Australian guards known to be rapists.

Most refugees held offshore are too unwell to be safe. They need to be brought here on medical grounds.

Refugee activists appeal to both Shorten and Turnbull to act bilaterally on this: and swiftly.

Indefinite “detention” of asylum seekers is impossible and illegal. Offshore isolation on impoverished islands is irresponsible. Edmund Rice Centre says 13 Afghanis including Hazaras have been killed since being forced back to Afghanistan by Australian Immigration. They came to us for safety after decades of war.

Australia needs to increase our refugee intake and airlift those waiting in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our overall annual economic migrant intake may have to be lowered in favour of refugees for a year or two. This seems doable. Many people with the wit to flee war are in fact wealthy, highly skilled and enterprising. We need such people in our country and the cultural diversity they offer. Steadying the numbers should address some of the fears of Aussies who fear “inundation”.

Sheer wealth should not be the only selection criteria that matters, given that Australia participates in relevant wars.

The land of the “fair go” needs to give these asylum seekers, our hostages, a chance at a balanced and peaceful life.
Jane Salmon Refugee Advocate, NSW