• Scott Morrison commits to changing GST formula
• Weak and ineffective Tasmanian Liberals fail to lobby Canberra
• United Labor will always fight for Tasmania’s fair share
Premier Hodgman and the Tasmanian Liberals have clearly lost the argument within the Liberal Party over the GST.
Today’s West Australian reveals that Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison is committed to changing the GST formula.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said this was terrible news for Tasmania and a sign that the weak and ineffective Tasmanian Liberals under Premier Hodgman had lost the argument.
“The only way to protect Tasmania’s share of the GST is to vote Labor at the next Federal election,” Ms White said.
“With poor representation from the Premier and the Liberal Senators, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have clearly made their minds up – they don’t care about the impact on Tasmania and will change the GST to favour states like Western Australia.”
Treasurer Scott Morrison told the West Australian*:

“It has to be remedied, it has to be fixed, it can’t be done with band-aids and sticky tape, the weakness in the way the distribution is done needs to be addressed.
“I and the Government remain very committed to doing what we said we would do and that is to fix it, to fix the GST.
“I haven’t moved an inch from that. There is a clear black marker on this, which is the next election, and we will seek to resolve it well before then.”

“Unlike the weak and ineffective Liberals, Federal and Tasmanian State Labor will protect Tasmania’s GST and always fight for our fair share,” Ms White said.

* https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/treasurer-scott-morrison-vows-to-act-on-was-unfair-gst-share-ng-b88827575z
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader 7 May 2018