Vodafone’s decision to cut about 100 jobs from its Hobart call centre is obviously devastating news for these workers and their families. Too often economic news is reduced to numbers and it’s very important to remember the very serious disruption to someone’s life when they lose their job.
This is a bad decision by Vodafone and a deep betrayal of the local community in Hobart. The company has made many promises to the Tasmanian community over the years and its corporate reputation hinges on it honouring them.
Moreover the fact that Vodafone has a call centre in Hobart is very agreeable to many of its customers, and they will not respond well if their calls are shunted off to a foreign call centre. Vodafone’s assurance that this won’t be the case is hard to take seriously in these circumstances.
I am pleased that the Tasmanian State Government has already said it will hold Vodafone to any contract underpinning public funding. That is exactly what should be done.
Andrew Wilkie MP Independent MP for Denison