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  1. Kim Peart

    May 21, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Adam Smith understood how to make capitalism work as a healthy system. Compassion. That is why he wrote a work on compassion before the Wealth of Nations, and intended it as a companion work.

    The challenge today is still the same. Capitalism is fine, but without compassion to ensure that all the people are OK it is a handicapped system that harms people and the Earth.

    Rather than blowing hot air that swiftly cools and is forgotten, anyone who gives a damn can promote compassion as the essential companion of capitalism.

    The other detail in the mix is evolution, where survival is the driver. Will we survive on Earth alone? Will our survival be improved with space development?

    Expansion is a fundamental driver of evolution, so when expansion is resisted the pressure builds up and this is exactly what we see happening on Earth now. At some point this pressure will blow its top, and the mess left may be a radioactive, dead planet.

    Study the history of space since the 1950s as I have, and have lived through, and then consider the investment in space survival that could have been made – but was not made. The controllers of carbon energy gamed us so they could keep their power game going on Earth.

    Unfortunately there has not been a wake-up movement to date, calling on space for survival. This has allowed carbon capitalists to keep the whole planet dumbed down and shuffling around. Observe how the Earth is dying, and consider how this dying will continue until who knows what happens next, or how fast. Guy McPherson, an Earth scientist, gives us ten years or so.

    Will we listen?

    Precautionary principle, anyone?

    Bother to figure out how our survival would work in space and how we could use the power of the Sun to fix all problems on Earth, and an alternative way can be seen which could have kept a safe and healthy Earth. The level of energy needed now to save our hides is found radiating from the Sun into space.

    So who buys into the propaganda of the carbon capitalists, void of compassion and blind with greed to the evolutionary demands of survival?

    Focus on the full play of survival with compassion, extend that with the space technology that we have had since the 1960s, and the way to peace on Earth will be seen, as well as the way to an adventure among the stars.

    Fog up with carbon capitalist propaganda, and shuffle around on Earth in a haze of wishful thinking, and get whatever happens.

    Inaction on evolutionary survival and compassion simply empowers carbon capitalism, which by its nature, is trapped on Earth.

  2. john hayward

    May 20, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    What’s “neo” about neocons? Their doctrine has been around since at least Old Testament times when it was called Mammon worship. Ayn Rand made no bones about what conservatives are about when she expounded on “The Virtues of Selfishness”. ScoMo is similarly frank without even meaning to be.

    The “liberal” bit is just the core lie that “neo” amplifies.

    John Hayward

  3. Pete Godfrey

    May 20, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    Very true Ted.

    Unfortunately much of Western Society has been duped by a group of people who have a bad case of poverty consciousness. It does not matter how much money they amass, they always want more. It is never enough.

    We are trained since birth to subscribe to their philosophy.

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