• Turnbull’s GST “guarantee” cannot be believed and does not give certainty
• Premier and Treasurer have lost the battle by not putting up a fight
• Any change driven by Turnbull will disadvantage Tasmania
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s reassurances on the GST are meaningless and provide no certainty for Tasmania.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said at the same time the Prime Minister’s “guarantee” that Tasmanian would not lose out on GST was worthless, Premier Hodgman and his Treasurer had done nothing to fight for the state’s fair share.
“We will certainly make it clear what our position (on GST changes) is with respect to Tasmania before Super Saturday, but I just want to say again that we’ve all given an absolute guarantee that Tasmania will not be worse off in terms of the dollars they receive. In other words, they’re not going to receive, under any revised arrangement, less money, less dollars, from the GST arrangements.”
– Malcolm Turnbull, Tasmania Talks, 29 May 2018.
“The Prime Minister’s reassurances on the GST are empty and meaningless,” Ms White said.
“Malcolm Turnbull can only say Tasmania will be no worse off because the Federal Budget does not carve out GST distributions after next year.
“The future of GST distributions is so uncertain, Federal Treasury refused to model them in its budget.”
Ms White said Tasmania’s own Department of Treasury and Finance has warned that any change in the methodology will have a negative impact on Tasmania’s GST receipts.
“The level of reduction in GST will depend on which equalisation method is selected and its impact will depend on when it is implemented and how it is transitioned.”
Page 37, Revised Estimates Report
“Any change implemented by Malcolm Turnbull will disadvantage Tasmania,” Ms White said.
“This is funding that is not only critical to providing essential services in health and education and housing but crucial to building the infrastructure Tasmania requires.
“Premier Hodgman and the Treasurer need to tell Tasmanians how they intend to build roads and schools if our GST share is cut.
“But we’ve seen no evidence Premier Hodgman is out there fighting for Tasmania. This week we have seen images of the Western Australian business lobby in Canberra with Scott Morrison, but no representation from Tasmania at all. “
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader 1 June 2018