The Government was advised this morning that the Wellington Park Management Trust has requested the Mount Wellington Cable Car Company (MWCC) cease any activity being undertaken at present.

It is understood MWCC has undertaken some minor works such as marking out surveying sites and attaching marking ribbons to flora.

To date MWCC has not yet fully met the requirements of the Authority issued to them in relation to gaining an approved safety management plan.

The Government finds this matter concerning and supports the actions of the Trust. The Government has always believed proper process must be observed and rules followed.

I have asked the Secretary of the Department of State Growth to make contact with MWCC immediately to express the Government’s concern and to request they act expeditiously on the Trust’s request.

Further, it now appears MWCC’s project may be different to the one considered when Authority was granted under the Cable Car Facilitation Act.

I have requested advice as to whether the Authority granted needs to be reconsidered, modified or rescinded.
Peter Gutwein, Minister for State Growth