 Eligibility criteria for scheme is threadbare and light on detail
 Scheme lacks critical safeguards for tenants and not serious about addressing homelessness
 Jaensch unable to answer important questions about finer detail
The provisions released for the Hodgman Liberal Government’s Private Rental Landlord Incentive Initiative are scant on detail and pose more questions than they answer.
Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said there were several key problems with the eligibility criteria for the scheme.
“What this incentive scheme amounts to in a nutshell is government welfare for property investors, not a genuine attempt to help those Tasmanians caught up in the housing affordability crisis or the homeless,” Mr Willie said.
“One of the key criteria is that landlords wanting to take part have to ensure their properties are now vacant or vacant before June 30, 2019.
“But there is no safeguard to prevent current tenants being evicted or not having their leases renewed simply so that landlords can cash in and benefit from the $13,000 incentive the government has offered by installing a new tenant.
“The criteria says “experienced tenancy managers” will manage tenancies and the Housing Minister Roger Jaensch needs to explain if that is shorthand for privatisation.
“The Minister’s scheme does not explain how tenants will be selected and how it will – if at all – provide safeguards to tenants, the people it is supposed to help.
“He needs to spell out how protection will be given to tenants who will no doubt be evicted from their homes after a year – when the scheme ends – and find they will not be able to afford market rents.
“Roger Jaensch has been unable to answer these important questions today which shows this is ill-conceived and sloppy policy on the run.”
Josh Willie MLC Shadow Housing Minister