The current shortage of available rental properties is hitting the people of Hobart hard. The Animal Justice Party (AJP) recognises this fact, and knows that the hardest hit are those with companion animals.

“It can be difficult when you have companion animals to find a suitable property to rent.” said Chris Simcox, Animal Justice Party candidate for Hobart, “With the current extreme deficit of rental options, many people with animals are in dire situations just trying to put a roof over their heads, and provide shelter for the animals in their care.”

In one instance a person has been forced out of her home in the north west of the state under difficult circumstances. She had to urgently find a place to house herself and a number of animals she considers part of her family.

“We are very concerned by the story of a woman who has been left homeless, with the added stress of trying to find a home for all her animals as well.” said Mr Simcox, “She was forced to escape her home along with her family of animals. In the process she had to part with some of her much-loved companions just so she could provide safety for the others. She is currently living in temporary accommodation over an hour from Hobart, having failed to find anything nearer the city.”

The AJP is urging the government to take immediate steps to resolve the lack of affordable rental properties. The AJP would also like to see more rental properties offer space for companion animals like dogs, cats and rabbits.

The woman is available to speak with the media.
Chris Simcox, Animal Justice Party, Candidate for Hobart