The Government will conduct a review into Tasmania’s Electoral Act and associated election laws.
This is a responsible action following any State Election and will ensure our democratic processes are contemporary and in-line with changing community expectations.
The Department of Justice together with the Department of Premier and Cabinet will conduct the review, with an interim report expected within six months of the review commencing and a final report in 12 months.
The review will receive written submissions, giving every Tasmanian – political parties, organisations and the broader community – a chance to have their say.
The review will be guided by two governing principles; protecting freedom of speech, with note to Constitutional implications, and minimal cost to the taxpayer.
The Terms of Reference are:
• Modernising the current Tasmanian Electoral Act, with specific examination of sections including 191 (1) (b); 196 (1) and 198 (1) (b);
• Whether state-based disclosure rules should be introduced, and, if so, what they should include; and
• The level of regulation of third parties, including unions, during Election campaigns.
The Election highlighted that some provisions in the Electoral Act and associated election laws have failed to keep pace with rapid changes in technology, social media and community expectations.
It is important that we take this opportunity to listen to Tasmanians and ensure we have a robust, democratic and fair electoral system that reflects Tasmania today.
Will Hodgman, Premier