We all love our pets and they become an integral part of the family. Not all of these pets are kept inside, but have hutches, aviaries, stables or other enclosures to keep them safe.
State President of Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania Inc, Jan Dunsby, advises “We have noticed a recent increase in pets being stolen or released from their enclosures. This is a devastating outcome for all of the family members.”
Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania would like to encourage you to take extra security precautions to protect these pets. We suggest securing cages with a lock, also making sure the enclosures are anchored/secured to their surrounds, padlock the stable door or paddock gate and ensure that access gates to your backyard are also locked.
Micro-chipping your pet is a way that they can be returned to you, in the event they find their way to a veterinary facility. Organisations such as the RSPCA, Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania and Cat Rescue Centres may be worth contacting in your search for a lost or missing pet.
We also encourage you to report your loss to the Police by telephoning 131 444 where criminal activity is believed to be a factor. Your report assists the Police to build a profile by suburb or pattern of activity and your information may lead to the solving of a heart-wrenching crime.
Jan Dunsby State President Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania Inc