• Peter Gutwein wasted 18 months picking fights when could have gotten on with job
• Liberals use first day of Parliament as cover for policy backdown
• Complete capitulation from Gutwein and Liberals
The Liberals’ about face on their TasWater takeover is a humiliating backdown.
“What today’s announcement shows is that the Liberals have wasted 18 months picking fights when they could have been getting on with the job of fixing Tasmania’s water and sewerage infrastructure,” Shadow Minister for Local Government David O’Byrne said.
“Eighteen months ago Peter Gutwein went to war with local government and TasWater – often resorting to cowardly and personal attacks.
“Under the cover of the first day of Parliament the Liberals have effectively dumped their takeover and adopted much of Labor’s Fixing Water and Sewerage for Good policy which targeted major infrastructure projects.
“Four years ago TasWater and Local Government sought this type of action but after two and a half years of inaction the Liberals then wasted 18 months picking fights.
“The Liberals have gone from trying to take 100 per cent of TasWater to settling for 10 per cent.
“It is a complete capitulation.”
Mr O’Byrne said Labor would await full details of the policy backdown before offering support.

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David O’Byrne MP Shadow Minister for Local Government