I welcome the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation’s finding that Crown Casino broke the law by blanking out buttons on poker machines. This is a very serious offence for which Crown should stand condemned.

However I do not accept Crown’s explanation that this was only a trial, because there is an abundance of evidence that the practice has been more widespread. Nor do I think the $300,000 fine is enough given the severity of the misconduct.

It appears that a number of other issues that I raised remain unresolved, such as the alleged covering up of domestic violence, because they are outside the remit of the VCGLR. There are also the allegations of the use of plastic picks to hold down buttons and the issuing of multiple loyalty cards which I raised this week. I am hopeful that the VCGLR will be able to make findings about these allegations as more evidence emerges.

I continue to be approached by a number of whistleblowers alleging serious misconduct at Crown Casino, and will be bringing these allegations to the attention of the VCGLR and Victoria Police when appropriate.

I expect the Commission and the police to diligently probe these matters. It would be completely unacceptable to the community if they take the casino’s explanations at face value or continue to hand out slap-on-the-wrist fines.

Authorised by Andrew Wilkie MP 188 Collins St Hobart
Andrew Wilkie, Independent for Denison