The Alliance for Gambling Reform calling for Australia’s biggest pokies company, Woolworths, to resign from the Australian Hotels Association and stop funding misleading political advertising campaigns.

This powerful piece in The Mercury yesterday ( HERE ) by Tasmania’s most respected investigative journalist of the past 30 years says it all about the way the gambling industry spent an estimated $5 million buying the Tasmanian election.

And they are trying to do the same thing in South Australia – led by Woolworths which operates 1000 pokies in SA that fleeced $60 million from the community last year.

At 12.15pm today, Tim Costello, Nick Xenophon, Shonica Guy and other supporters of pokies reform will distribute flyers to Woolworths customers and hold a door stop press conference in the South Australian seat of Hartley calling on Woolworths to put a stop to this big money political influencing. The details are as follows:

12:15pm Sunday 11th March
Newton Woolworths
299 Montacute Road, Newton, SA

Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers and the South Australian election is less than a week away. The ruthless pokies moguls are playing for keeps – but the case for reform is strong.

The comprehensive media release, complete with new analysis on how Woolworths pushes the pokies envelope harder than anyone in South Australia, but never associates its brand with these predatory and addictive poker machines.

Download Media Release which contains heaps of hyperlinks …

Stephen Mayne Communications Advisor, Alliance for Gambling Reform