The University of Melbourne has shed light on the exorbitant costs of their postgraduate qualifications, with some courses such as the Doctor of Medicine costing students $68,544 each year.

This news comes as the Government tries to implement a new combined loan limit of $104K on student debt accumulated through tuition fees, and $150K for science and medicine courses.

Under the Melbourne model and its current tuition fees, students would be forced by this proposed legislation to pay part of their tuition upfront, or seek private loans to cover the cost.

For example, a three year Juris Doctor at Melbourne University with annual tuition fees of $39,456 would alone exceed the proposed combined debt cap, not even considering the debt accrued prior at an undergraduate level.

“It’s absurd Melbourne University is charging the equivalent of a deposit on a house, annually, to its students seeking postgraduate qualifications” said Mark Pace, NUS National President. “These exorbitant fees are manufacturing a generation of debt slaves, who’ll be paying back university loans for a lifetime”.

“The proposed combined loan cap is short-sighted, and will fail to achieve anything other than complicate the lives of students seeking a variety of qualifications in an increasingly changing workforce”.

“The simple fact is that the Government is not in a position to know the individual circumstances of every person seeking qualifications, retraining, or re-skilling”.

NUS has called a National Day of Action on March 21. Students across Australia will be protesting against the Liberals’ $2.2 billion funding cuts and proposed changes to the HECS repayment threshold.

“Students won’t accept being priced out of a university education” said Con Karavias, NUS National Education Officer. “Our fees are already exorbitant, and the Liberals’ agenda will only see education become more and more inaccessible. We know the Government has no public support for these funding cuts. We’re going to show them just how much opposition there is”.
Mark Pace National President | National Union of Students