• Liberals hide gun policy from Tasmanians
• Policy has been immediately condemned
• Liberals’ habit of secrecy continues right up to election

The Liberals’ decision to water down Tasmania’s gun laws is reckless and dishonest.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Tasmanians are rightly shocked that the Liberals tried to keep their proposed changes from the public.

“Gun safety is an issue that could potentially affect us all, for the Liberals to keep these changes from the public is a disgrace,” Ms White said.

“This is yet another example of the Liberal Party’s deception and refusal to be transparent with the people of Tasmania.

“The hallmark of Will Hodgman’s government has been secrecy and dishonesty.
“As a community we are proud of the way the state came together following the tragedy of Port Arthur and enacted tough gun laws.

“If the Liberals wanted to change those laws, they should have treated Tasmanians with respect and been upfront with them.

“Instead they tried to quietly appease the pro-guns lobby with a policy change that was hidden from the general public.

“Unlike the Liberals, Labor’s firearm policy in on our website for everyone to see.

“We back the use of infringement notices in lieu of a summons for very minor breaches of firearm storage regulations, but reject the other changes put forward by the Liberals.

“Will Hodgman needs to explain why he chose to keep such a critical issue hidden from Tasmanians on the eve of an election.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader 2 March 2018