To the Editor,

I love Tasmania. Every summer I come here for holidays. My children were born here. I have a deep connection with the place. I come here for the clean air – for the wild highlands, for the sparkling clear rivers and pristine beaches. But most of all, I come for the forests.

I’m not sure that Tasmanians realise how very precious they are. The rest of the world is scurrying to protect every last native tree-to showcase to the world their beautiful natural places.

I am astounded and appalled that you are logging near Rapid River in Takayna/Tarkine. That you plan to smash up 20 more coupes this summer! Ancient rainforests, beautiful old, old trees.

You are part of this same Earth that is struggling. Please leave the Tarkine alone. Let the tourists visit it, let the aboriginal people teach us their stories, let the forests be the lungs of the earth, BUT protect it! Cherish it! Love it! It is way too precious to plunder.

Alice Hungerford
Alice Hungerford, Grandmother, Queensland