Below is a link to a device that has stumped Australia’s hard-right politicians.

They’ve asked us endless questions about it in parliamentary hearings, and they’ve sent a litany of follow-up queries to GetUp’s head office in their quest to understand it.

This mind-boggling apparatus, is the annual GetUp Vision Survey — the survey that decides the campaigns our million-strong movement will fight for in 2018.

The idea of a Vision Survey is breathtakingly simple, lindsay — but the sheer democracy of it confuses hard-right politicians who listen to lobbyists and corporate donors rather than the voters they’re supposed to represent.

Can you vote now on our movement’s campaign priorities for the next year?:

Last year, this very survey set the vision that saw us come together to stop tax cuts for big business, end the government’s harmful robo-debt system, and save 70 billion litres of water in the Murray Darling. The Adani mine remains unbuilt, we’ve fought back against a government trying to silence us and the work of charities, and won marriage equality for all Australians.

Together, we’ve achieved so much, and this year you can help us achieve so much more.

Vote now to decide our movement’s campaign priorities for the next year!:

Thank you for continuing to fight for a fairer future by being part of the GetUp Crew. You’re powering GetUp in the best way possible.

Thank you for creating a better future,

Paul — for the GetUp team

Authorised by Paul Oosting, Level 14, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
Paul Oosting, GetUp