 Housing Summit must be more than a talkfest to reflect urgency of crisis
 Hodgman needs to explain how urgent initiatives can be delivered while Minister’s chair is empty
 Realistic, immediate solutions required to address affordability and homelessness
The Hodgman Government must emerge from tomorrow’s urgent Housing Summit with tangible solutions to Tasmania’s housing crisis and an explanation about how they will be immediately delivered.
Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said the Premier needed to deliver on his claim that “practical actions that provide immediate assistance to Tasmanians in need” would be produced.
“In its previous term the Liberal Government ignored the critical need to address growing housing affordability issues and growing homelessness and today we have a situation where Tasmanians are living in tents as winter approaches,” Mr Willie said.
“The government also needs to explain how immediate outcomes to Tasmania’s housing crisis can be implemented when we don’t know who the Housing Minister will be in the new government.
“Tasmanians need to know if Jacquie Petrusma will continue in the role in light of her continue failings as the Minister.
“Labor will work constructively from opposition on the housing crisis but will also hold the government to account so that real solutions are delivered.”
Mr Willie said Labor had consulted closely with the housing sector to formulate its $106 million Homes For Tasmanians housing affordability policy which outlines a comprehensive plan to help 12,800 Tasmanians with improved housing and rental affordability.
“Every Tasmanian should have access to safe and secure housing and Labor’s focus is on more than just building new houses – it’s about tailored programs and infrastructure projects specifically targeted to the state’s most vulnerable.”
Josh Willie MLC Shadow Housing Minister