Today the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) launch the Bury the Bill campaign to fight the proposed student loan legislation.

This is the first time in their almost forty-year history that the two organisations have united their efforts to preserve the accessibility of university education for Australians.

The student loan legislation, which is slated to be voted upon by the senate in the next few weeks, condemns lower-earning graduates to pay back their student loans when barely earning minimum wage.

The Bury the Bill campaign activates students, graduates, and future students to contact their senators and outline how this legislation will compromise access to higher education in Australia.

Natasha Abrahams, CAPA National President says:

“We need to fight to retain the HECS-HELP system that enables more Australians to access a university education and the opportunities that come from this. Under the proposed changes, highly regarded degrees which lead to lucrative careers will only be accessible to those who can afford colossal upfront payments.”

Mark Pace, NUS National President says:

“Simon Birmingham, the Scrooge of Australian Parliament, gifted universities with $2.3B in cuts last December. Now he’s seeking further budget repairs from those barely earning above minimum wage.”

“The number of graduates earning below the current repayment threshold reflects a failure of this government in providing a quality education. The solution is to adequately fund universities, not burden low income Australians with this Government’s failures in higher education.”

More information on the campaign, including how you can get involved, can be found at:
Mark Pace National President | National Union of Students