The AEU congratulates the Liberal Government on their election and will work with the elected Hodgman Government to ensure the government delivers on its pre-election commitments in education.

The AEU looks forward to working with the government to guarantee the additional teachers, teacher assistants and other resources that they have committed to, are delivered into our schools and TAFE as quickly as possible.

“As the key stakeholder in education, we expect the new government to work with teachers, principals and support staff to provide quality education for all, as outlined in their first 100 days plan,” said AEU President, Helen Richardson.

“Unfortunately, genuine consultation with the AEU has been missing over the last four years. Our members constitute the vast majority of educators (teachers, principals and support staff), thus they have an incredibly important voice.

“We look forward to working with the newly elected Liberal Government to deliver the extra staffing promised to our schools and TAFE, so every student in Tasmania can get a quality education.

“We also look forward to working with the Liberal Government to implement the other resources and changes desperately needed for quality education, as the need in our education system goes beyond additional staffing resources.

“Unfortunately, because of the lack of consultation over the past four years, the new government has a big job ahead to rebuild the trust of educators in our public schools.

“For years our schools, colleges and TAFE have suffered from cuts and underfunding and are in desperate need of an immediate injection of resources.

“It’s essential that the new government holds good on its promise of additional teachers and support staff, so our kids don’t miss out”.

“The new government must prioritise education and respect the voice of professional educators.

“The new government must consider the needs of both students and educators when implementing their ‘First 100 Day Plan’. The government must place students and educators ‘front and centre’ in discussions on education policy in this state.

“We expect the next Minister for Education to stand up and fight hard for additional Federal funding that our state so desperately needs, and we look forward to meeting with the newly appointed Minister for Education to deliver a Quality Education for All.”
Helen Richardson, AEU President, Molly Frankham, AEU Communications.