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A letter to the World Bank


Dear Mary H. Ivins-Hooke
World Bank
Senior Executive Assistant to Country Director
Papua New Guinea & Pacific Islands
East Asia & Pacific Region

Yes, you are correct! Each time praying to be guided to serious qualified experts. Here 2018 we find the Bank funding up to $1 Trillion+ into planting trees into the Horn of Africa desert sand. As those many time have no experts to explain and quality “the return on investment the monies squandered and written off”. My enquiry today Kenya and staving nations.

You might forward to HO management that “96% of Earth’s vegetation takes biomass Carbon and elements from the soils not atmosphere”! From soil, not atmosphere!

The greater Horn was ONCE a tropical rain forest kept alive by the understorey. The BANKs investment this time, as those on the ground right now are reporting, the trees are not growing in fact dying lack of carbon!

Again, your reply is not what I asked!! South Africa is 1000s kilometres from the plight Somalia Kenya deserts expanding as such a rate children food every second day and no potable water.

Had the Bank comprehended the global environmental issues and indeed comprehended

• Climate Change
• Desertification
• Loss of soils water
• Drought
• Poverty
• Wars

The Bank could have gathered “experts” assembled a Nature Science protocol (Nature has proven the protocol many times before and during anthropogenic Earth asset stripping the Bank would have, concluded well planned and indeed been a serious sustainable return to Global Investing Member Nations! Sequestering CO2 back as soil, soil-carbon into anthropogenic desert Nations Continents under established Nature Science protocol returns Field Proven- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbI8YZmBP8g (1minute)

• Sequester mass CO2 reversing Climate Change
• Reverses deserts the prime cause CO2 (anthropogenic cause since man sailed with axes
• Grown soils and stop heat build-up desert the heat reflectors. (like a blanket)
• Grow soil-carbon and element the core for all living matter especially TREES in former deserts. (Man consumes vegetable to be meat, what did the carrot consume?)
• Now Major Global CO2e emitting industries write to me regularly now over 20 years since I arranged for then to join me on the UN panel that helped prepare the Nature Science UNFCCC COP3 100year protocol asking, “Robert when will we be able to buy UNFCCC COP3 CO2 certified satellite fixed offsets to Fund EARTH repair”.
• Now, had the Bank executive 20 years ago acted on the UNFCCC COP3 protocol with the hard-proven science and not allowed the “I think this might work” where we now have Paris agreement closing “go home and think about how to stop temperature rising 2 degrees. (2016 Sahara was up 1.6 degrees and CO2build up. Ever changing committees running the Biggest Supply House EARTH into overdraft. (Bank term)
• The CO2 offset trade with responsible Industry /Corporate Managements would fund the now $$Trillion need to restore the warehouse Store Earth to perpetual yield supporting 10Billionpeople whereas by 2020 we will loose 100s millions
• Now the Bank and sadly French Government support to grow trees into the Horn of Africa giving Nations and indeed the Oil producer irresponsible hope “The Bank is expert in all matters” they now plan economic futures around such. A legal case soon!

The sad response to my simple request a Bank contact Kenya to explore the Banks interest in Joining with Eastern African Governments in reversing desert drought the compounding under feed-housed-schooled-health of “Historians of tomorrow, you sent me “contact public office of the Bank South Africa”. Let me explain South Africa all be it your Bank is 2000ks away. The SA office of the Bank is fully occupied wasting monies to find daily potable water and stop South Africans migrating to Kenya

The Bank is wasting $Billions in “We think trees grow in desert no soil and sequester CO2” V Proven Science CO2 offset trade to UNFCCC COP3 100year protocol self funding CO2 sink and lowers temperature. Investing Nations must be advised!

I can only conclude you got some delight in writing to me to stop me asking “for expert input from the Bank”! Global Bank Shareholders need to know the lack of science v spending!

In order you comprehend my global qualification and field hands on expertise I attach a simple 1 minute clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbI8YZmBP8g SOIL from Sand

Have I got your name spelt correct?

Without prejudice
Robert Vincin Managing Director
Emission Traders International Pty Ltd
PO Box 804 Drummoyne1417

*UN USG invited me 96-98 to join the panel that prepared science Kyoto Protocol. Member Earth Council. Travelled the globe to meetings side toured to desert/poverty regions.
*Vincin; Former Branch Secretary to Hon John Howard 96-98 showing how to win Greens!
*Wrote Direct Action for Tony Abbott (Adelaide Review June 96) he PM 2013-
*1995 Paper There was no River Murray Darling Workshop ANU Canberra Preserve water courses (Nature solution 2018
*1997-2000 KPMG consultant attending Global Offices sitting on Earth Council panel prepare COP3 addressing industry
*2000 Paper tabled UNFCCC COP6 “The Missing Sink” detailed 2-4% of Earths vegetation was and must again be such sink CO2 (Condon/Vincin) Tabled by Hon Robert Hill. Article 3.4 Known as Australian clause
*2005-Invited Foreign Expert PRC Central Government advising 7 Ministers, 9 Governors, teach Law, Science, Agriculture, Forestry at Peking et al Universities. Leading in field physical growing soil soil-carbon food fodder forestry funded by UNFCCC CO3 offset trading to UNFCCC 100year rule! PRC
*2008 JV UNDP PRC Forestry Plant out C4 CO2 over 9 Provinces & by 2020 lower8Bn T CO2 pa.
*Recipient Genghis Kahn Peace medal 2008 teaching growing soil roof of the world.
*October 2016 Invited by Global Energy Award Foundation to submit to 2017 award!
*Invited UNCCD 2017 Land for Life Award
*Invited UNFCCC Moment of Change Awards See Facebook Google Twitter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbI8YZmBP8g
Vincin recipient many Global Nation awards certificates

From: Mary H. Ivins-Hooke
Sent: Monday, 12 March 2018 12:20 PM
To: vincin@emissiontraders.com.au
Subject: Your phone call today

Dear Mr. Vincin,

Over the last few years, we have communicated a number of times when you have contacted our offices in Sydney. On each of those occasions we have advised that we work with the Pacific region and not the Africa region.

Below are the contact details for our African office which can also be found on the World Bank website. Since your area of interest is Africa, please feel free to contact them directly, rather than the Sydney office, in line with your enquiries.


With thanks and kind regards,

Mary H. Ivins-Hooke
Senior Executive Assistant to Country Director
Papua New Guinea & Pacific Islands
East Asia & Pacific Region

W www.worldbank.org
Level 19, 14 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Robert Vincin

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