“The State Government should hold their heads in shame, at the job losses reported by Petuna Seafoods this week”, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party, Vice Chair, Ken Orr, said this morning.

“The State Government, its Minister and the EPA have stood by and sanctioned, the overstocking of one particular company’s leases, even though, high water temperatures, low oxygen, levels, stress and fish health, were the perfect disaster recipe, and disease was likely to be the result for Macquarie Harbour, and “ALL” its farmers,” Orr said.

Our information leads us to believe, there have been in excess of a million mortality’s in the harbour.

Where is the EPA’S overdue quarterly report – is it being deliberately held over until after the election?

The Orthomyxovirus {POMV} is not lease selective, and unfortunately, unlike the 2 other companies, Petuna is reliant on Macquarie Harbour for a significant amount of its production, and income, and now the innocent workers have to suffer.

“We are not operating at World’s Best Practise” Orr said, Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party are calling for real time reporting on disease outbreaks and subsequent mortality’s, not 3 or 6 months post event…….

Our Aquatic Environment and Wild Fisheries are too Important!
Ken Orr Vice Chair, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party. Tasmania.