It’s funny that both Liberal and Labor have now come out sprouting the value of Rail and Heritage Rail Tours.

T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania has been fully committed to restoring rail in Tasmania as a core policy to get Tasmania the world class public transport system that it deserves, and to create employment and business opportunities.

But all this will be to no avail if Macquarie Point isn’t turned into a transport hub to service Trains, Trams and Buses.

It’s extremely important not just for the Tasmanian people but also for the more than a million tourists that come here each year that Macquarie Point be developed as a Transport Hub.

This will service the needs of Hobart for the next half century and help ease traffic congestion in the inner city area. It will provide the Greater Hobart City area with the much needed public transport infrastructure that it so badly needs.

The liberals want to build an underground bus station.

What a ridiculous idea, when we have a site just sitting there ready to be built upon now. We don’t need an advisory board to tell us that, now do we ?

Remove the bus mall from the GPO and all other bus terminuses and relocate them to the Transport hub. This will solve the problem of bus congestion in the inner city, as buses will only be passing through, not sitting and waiting.

If Liberal and Labor cannot see that this project is what Hobart needs to solve a multitude of issues, then consider your vote very wisely.
Rob Newitt T4T-Tasmanians 4Tasmania