Celebrity PR Blitz Fails to Shift Opinion

A new poll shows the majority of Australians support an Australian republic, while support
for the monarchy has fallen to its lowest recorded level.

Just 22 per cent of respondents disagree that Australia should be a republic with an
Australian as head of state. 52 per cent agree that Australia should be a republic.

The poll also shows Australians know the difference between celebrity news and an
independent constitution. Asked if the engagement of Prince Harry and the pregnancy of
the Duchess of Cambridge make a difference to their opinion about a republic, 67 per cent
of respondents said no.

What’s more, 22 per cent of people said they are in fact more likely to support a republic as
a result of the royal news!

The poll busts the myth that young Australians support the monarchy because of the
popularity of ‘young Royals’. In fact, opposition to a republic is weakest among young
people. Just 17 per cent of Aussies 18-24 years old and 15 per cent of Aussies 25-34 are
opposed to a republic.

In every age group surveyed, more people agree that Australia should become a republic
with an Australian as head of state than disagree.

About the poll
The poll of 1000 respondents was conducted nationally by ResearchNow
(www.ResearchNow.com) over 10-11 February 2018 with a margin of error of 3.1%.
Michael Cooney, National Director and CEO, Australian Republic Movement