Mayor Michael Kent would like to set the record straight in relation to the Special Meeting of Council to be held on the 20th February 2018.

A number of Councillors have called this Special Meeting. On the agenda is a motion to request that the Mayor relinquish his position whilst campaigning for a seat in State Parliament and to move a vote of no confidence in the Mayor. Councillor Jenifer Crawford has put forward both motions.

The Mayor points out that a clear precedence has been set at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council and he is at a loss to understand why his current circumstances are being treated any differently.

“I have no intention of standing down prior to the State election and I certainly will be ignoring any motions of no confidence that may be passed at this Special Meeting.

I refer to past Mayors and Deputy Mayors of the Council who have not stood down in similar circumstances. Bertrand Cadart did not stand down as Mayor during his campaign for a seat in Lyons at the 2014 House of Assembly election. Deputy Mayor Cheryl Arnol did not stand down when she stood for the seat of Rumney with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party in the 2017 Legislative Council election. In addition, Councillor Cheryl Arnol was Mayor in 2004 when she stood for the Legislative Council seat of Apsley and did not stand down as Mayor during this campaign.”

The Mayor has said that comments by Councillor Jenifer Crawford in the media over the last few days regarding the no confidence motion are disappointing to say the least.

“I feel I am the only member of Council showing any leadership given 76% of the community have indicated they support voluntary council amalgamations but Council, with the exception of myself, have voted against proceeding with the Local Government Board Review to investigate the amalgamation options further, ignoring the Council’s community survey and consultation process. Subsequent to this decision, 276 residents and ratepayers have lodged a petition requesting Council to participate in the merger review by the Local Government Board.

As Mayor, I am representing the community that elected me and not what appears to be the short-term vested interests of other Councillors. Leadership is about setting a direction and vision for our community and I will continue to lead the Council in a professional and experienced way whilst listening to the community.”

The Mayor believes that Councillor Crawford would do better to look at her own performance when it comes to community interest, given she has voted against over 60% of development applications that have been recommended for approval.

He said:

“As Mayor, I really do have to question what else might be behind this given Councillor Crawford frequently votes against the professional planning advice provided?”
Mayor Michael Kent at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council