The SFFP Tasmania will pursue the establishment of a permanent liaison officer acting as a coordinator between Tasmanian landowners, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, Hydro, hunting organisations, and the TFGA newly established Game Management Branch, Tasmania Police and the TDAC (Tasmanian Deer Advisory Committee).
This role will follow on from the sound decisions and policy commitment from the Hodgman Government as a result of the LC Fallow Deer enquiry.
The recent Legislative Council Deer enquiry highlighted a breakdown in communication between the afore mentioned groups in identifying policy changes, Hunter access, targeted game reduction programs and specific agriculture issues for primary producers.
The establishment of this role will prevent this reoccurring and ensure the financial cost of the LC enquiry is not wasted nor this topic revisited with regard to cost of public funds.
It is known that successive governments have collecting levies from Tasmanian wallaby and duck hunters going back decades and these funds have not been reprogrammed into hunting-based programs. These is no reason why these funds should not be channelled into this project which would make it self-funded.
Tasmanian recreational hunters pay large fees to Governments for participation in their sports unlike other sporting activities. SFFP believes they deserve far better return for their investments made
This role will promote the role of the TDAC as the peak body of Wildlife/hunter/ primary producer reference agency ensuring that the correct and specific issues that relate to all players in this area are bought to the table & addressed.
The TDAC will then ensure that these specific issues are then passed to the newly established Tasmanian Game Council for consideration and prompt attention.
SFFP believes this role could be achieved on approx 4 day a week or similar role and the employment funded from Game Licence revenue that have been collected by successive Governments for some years.
Tasmanian Hunters have been paying a levy on licence fees for some time now and have not received the benefits of this.
Also SFFP believes the role of this officer could also include:
• Promote recreational hunting as an ethical means of Game Management rather than the use of toxins wherever possible.
• Identify specific areas of primary production where Game Management is required and assist coordinate with responsible hunting organisations to facilitate this.
• Assist Primary Producers with forming specific Game Management Plans,
• Coordinate access with agencies such as TasWater, Hydro, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Crown and State reserves, WHA to identify control measure with recreational hunters for Fallow deer,
• Consult and educate Recreational hunters who enter this activity through Firearm Safety Courses,
• Promote ethics and assist in assess to areas for Game Control for hunters looking for hunting opportunities,
• Liaison with TASPOL to ensure firearm owners are conversant with regulation and ensure public safety concerns,
• Report all relevant matters to the TDAC for consideration, channelled up to the New Game Council .
Wayne Turale Chair Shooter and Fishers Tasmania Candidate for Lyons