Regardless of the outcome of the State Election on March 3, the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) welcomes the announcement of the vast amounts of promised money available to upgrade some schools.
For many years schools have questioned the process for the allocation of infrastructure and maintenance spending by the government. Some schools and colleges have been coping with aging and inadequate infrastructure for many years. “Year after year schools have lodged requests with the government for problems to be fixed such as toilets, leaking roofs, walls and floors that move, heating and cooling issues and inadequate electrical and communication systems that do not meet the needs of 21st Century Learning” said TASSO President Lisa Gillard.
TASSO in its Election Position Statement sent to all election candidates, has called for greater transparency and accountability in the allocation of additional funds for facilities to state schools. Many schools require upgrades and additional facilities to cope with expansion in school populations and extra requirements for students with additional needs. The process used to formulate which schools are allocated resources for upgrading should be transparent and publicly available. “Over the years we have heard of schools listed as ‘priority one’ waiting many years for infrastructure issues to be fixed, meanwhile others appear to jump the queue.”
Lisa Gillard said, “School communities must not be left for years to shoulder the responsibility for extensive upgrades. There needs to be a fairer system to ensure that urgent corrective action is taken, regarding any essential works not presently being met or adequately planned for.”
Lisa Gillard, TASSO President