 Will Hodgman must address conflict of interest issue
 Labor will refer the matter to the Integrity Commission if the Premier doesn’t act
 Clear evidence that decisions are not made at “arm’s length”

If Premier Will Hodgman does not address a clear conflict of interest involving his Deputy and Water Minister, Labor will be forced to refer the matter to the Integrity Commission.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon has called on the Premier to explain how it can possibly be appropriate for a Minister to be making decisions on his own that directly financially benefit his own family business.

“Jeremy Rockliff crossed a line when agreed to waive a $200,000 debt to farmers, including his family business, on live radio.

“It proved that Mr Rockliff is not at arms-length from decisions that directly affect a company he’s a director of.

“Any possibility of good process went out the window when the Minister agreed to waive a $200,000 debt on the spur of the moment.

“It puts a lie to Mr Rockliff’s claim in the Examiner that “operational decisions, including those for the Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation Scheme, are made at arm’s length of me…”

“The decision to waive the debt was not made at arm’s length. It was made solely by Mr Rockliff on live radio.

“The Premier must address this matter today or Labor will be forced to refer Mr Rockliff’s conduct to the Integrity Commission.

“It’s a clear example of a conflict of interest and the Premier must immediately address it.

“The Liberals are trying to sweep this under the carpet in the middle of an election campaign.

“The Government’s track record of handling conflicts of interest is abysmal.

“Former Mining Minister Adam Brooks was forced to resign after the “protocols” put in place by the Premier failed.

“That matter is still not resolved, despite Mr Brooks contesting this election.

“How many other Liberal Ministers are dealing with undisclosed conflicts of interest within their portfolios?”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer 17 February 2018