JusTas is dedicated to improving outcomes across Tasmania for people with convictions who are returning to our community from periods of incarceration.

Australia’s prison population is moving north and is expected to increase. The Tasmanian prison population has followed the national trend and has shown a significant increase in the last four years.

These following issues are canvassed as key priority policy development areas related to the Tasmanian justice system for consideration by all political parties in the lead up to the 2018 election.

Details are available on our website at Justas.org

1. Reform Youth Justice Systems in line with Trauma Informed Practice

2. Invest in Prisons Infrastructure in ways that support Reintegration

3. Increase Prison Programmes that focus on Rehabilitation and Reintegration

4. Develop a funding focus on Justice Reinvestment

5. Further develop a focus on Restorative Justice

6. Increase Peer Mentoring Services

7. Develop a focus on Community Corrections

8. Implement further programmes focused around supported housing for people exiting prison

9. Revise language and terminology used to describe Tasmanian incarceration to discourage the negative effects of Labelling

10. A health focused response to drug use in Tasmania’s legal system

11. Ensure a gendered approach is adopted to cater to specific needs of incarcerated women

JusTas – promoting justice, best practice and valuable outcomes for returning citizens and the community.
Website: Justas.org
Patrick Burton, Chair, JusTas