 Primary Industries Minister now responsible for a string of failures
 Tasmanian fishermen suffering under Liberal’s inept handling
 Fisheries management should be a priority of government
The Liberal’s mismanagement across Tasmania’s primary industries and fisheries has resulted in another damaging result for the state with the scallop industry shut down today for the next two years.
Shadow Primary Industries Minister Shane Broad said the mismanagement of the Tasmania’s primary industries by the Liberals will now be rightly be called into question as yet another important sector faces economic and job losses.
“The Primary Industries Minister has failed an industry – yet again – with the scallop fishermen having no choice but to close down under his mismanagement,” Dr Broad said.
“Fishermen have been paying fees for no results for some time under this Minister and now that the situation has become so dire with a dearth of scallops in the water, it will be two years before it begins to get back on its feet.
“This is the same Minister who oversaw significant funding cuts to Biosecurity Tasmania and, in the fallout, a string of incidents including the current fruit fly emergency.
“It would not have come to this if it were not for the Minister yet again taking his eye off the ball.
“Farmers and fishermen across all sectors should not have been made to struggle because of the Minister’s inept handling of his portfolio.”
Shane Broad MP Shadow Primary Industries Minister