Greens candidate for Lyons, Fraser Brindley, commented today on the detection of fruit-fly in the Tamar Valley and the expansion of the control zone.

“The discovery of fruit-fly in the Tamar Valley demonstrates the failure of the Liberals.

“The Liberals have been asleep at the wheel on biosecurity. They had four years to finish their promised review of the Biosecurity Act, but they haven’t got the job done.

“Their ideologically-driven cuts to the public service hit Biosecurity Tasmania and have driven staff to breaking point.

“For all of the bluff and bluster about strong majority government, the Liberals have failed to safeguard Tasmanian agriculture’s natural advantage and brand.

“Our State’s clean, green brand – and the premium Tasmanian producers get from it – is completely and utterly dependent on strong biosecurity. If Tasmania loses it’s clean, green reputation, then we all lose.”
Greens candidate for Lyons, Fraser Brindley