 Public education is a fundamental right
 Labor will waive fees for all Tasmanian public school students
 Labor is committed to addressing the cost of living
 Initiative will save a family with three children around $1800 a year

A majority Labor Government will reduce the cost of living for thousands of Tasmanian families by removing public school fees.

“Public education is a right and financial barriers should not stop our children from getting the best start in life,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.

“This is a major cost of living initiative that will remove barriers to public education and put more money in the pockets of hard working families.

“Labor’s decision to waive the cost of public school fees will save a Tasmanian family with three kids around $1800 each and every year.

“The cost of public education has been steadily increasing and is now a significant burden on Tasmanian families.

“Bills arrive at the worst possible time, right after Christmas when many families are already struggling with cost of living pressures.

“And Labor will provide free bus transport for all students to their closest public school and our Active Kids initiative will make participating in sport more affordable.

“We don’t want there to be a barrier for any child to access education.

“Waiving fees for public school students has been costed at $24 million per year.

“And Labor can afford it because we are prioritising our spending commitments.

“The Liberals are splashing around cash to cling onto power, we are prioritising spending on health, education and the cost of living.

“Tasmanians have a clear choice at this election. The self-interest of the Liberals or a majority Labor Government that will put people first.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader 18 February 2018