 At least 30 wine producers now caught up in emergency
 Grave concerns for jobs and Tasmanian brand as government loses control of serious outbreak
 Sterilisation controls for imports should now be focus of investigation
Tasmanian jobs and the state’s important pristine brand have been placed at further dire risk as the fruit fly emergency has reached a new level.
The Premier, Will Hodgman, needs to step up and explain what he is doing to contain this worsening biosecurity emergency.
“The discovery of five adult fruit fly late yesterday in George Town has resulted in an expansion of the control zone and we are now clearly in unprecedented territory,” Shadow Primary Industries Minister Shane Broad said.
“This is an emergency Tasmania has not experienced before and we have a Liberal Government that is clearly not able to respond effectively.
“We cannot afford to have a muted response simply because the Liberals don’t want to rock the boat in the middle of an election.
“We need to see manned checkpoints on all major roads heading into and out of the exclusion zone, as called for by the TFGA.
“We are very close to losing markets which could take years to reopen.
“It is clear the government had completely lost control of handling the worsening emergency after axing Biosecurity Tasmania resources.
“The Liberals cut $1 million from Biosecurity Tasmania and they have expected our hardworking frontline responders to do more with less.
“The ramifications of that are now becoming clearer every day. We are now in a tragic situation where more farmers and jobs and our crucial brand are at risk
It is deeply concerning that a large number of fruit growers, vineyards and market gardens have now been caught up in the exclusion zone.”
A Majority Labor Government will allocate $3.7 million and Federal Labor would contribute $2 million to recruit an additional 20 biosecurity officers over the next four years, bolstering the state’s biosecurity frontline.
Shane Broad MP Shadow Primary Industries Minister 21 February 2018