• Lambie/Liberal Government on the cards
• Jacqui Lambie pledges support to the Liberals in a hung parliament
• Has Michael Kent brokered a secret agreement?

Jacqui Lambie’s revelation that she would support the Liberals in the event of a hung parliament raises questions over how the deal was cooked up.

“Just a couple of weeks ago we saw Will Hodgman and Lambie Lyons candidate Michael Kent joking on TV about taking each other out to lunch,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.

“Now the Lambie Network has pledged unwavering support for the Liberals in the case of a hung parliament.”

Jacqui Lambie told Tasmania Talks that in the case of a hung parliament a Hodgman/JLN minority government would be formed.

“Probably the best thing to do is leave Will Hodgman in there and continue through that way.” (Jacqui Lambie, Tasmanian Talks – 27/2/2018)

“We know Michael Kent supports Will Hodgman’s policy to entrench poker machines in Tasmanian communities until 2043,” Mr Bacon said.

“A formal alliance is the next logical step.

“A Liberal/Lambie minority government would be a circus.

“Will Hodgman has to come clean on whether the support of the JLN has been brokered behind the scenes.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer 27 February 2018