With rumbles about that the Tasmanian election is a tad “boring”

“Despite a malcontent labeling, like a child on school holiday, Burnie’s debate “boring”, it was wonderful to see so many people engaged and interested in this election.”

Could the whole show be livened up with more of a carnival atmosphere?

When campaigning in Deloraine, and seeing my logo ~ a lion for Lyons ~ an old chap asked me if I was a member of the Lions Club.

I answered “No” but did reflect on the question.

This reflection led to a little humour with the suggestion of a Lyons Club, as a way to celebrate elections in Lyons.

There is a festival in India where men with bellies to boast of, paint them as lions.

Are there any politicians in Lyons who would qualify for a painted belly?

This would be the one time, from time to time, when the belly would be an icon to honour.

Maintaining equality will be a challenge, but we can wonder about that.

Each electorate could choose their own themes, such as Bass, being named after a mariner, the explorer who sailed with Flinders, might have a maritime theme.

Instead of only winners celebrating election wins, having a carnival theme at the time of the polls, would make election campaigns more interesting.

With a Poll Day Festival, everyone would be able to celebrate the carnival of our democracy.

Winning isn’t everything, and nor should it be.

Authorised by: Jennifer Bolton, 39A Bridge Street, Ross
Kim Peart, candidate for Lyons … a lion for Lyons, a tiger for Tasmania