Reports today that the Hodgman Government will conduct a feasibility study to identify another major Tasmanian bushwalk highlights the limitations of the anti-conservation agenda of Mr Hodgman and his backward facing proposal to reverse reserves in Tasmania AND log inside oldgrowth rainforest reserves.

While the Society is unconvinced of the need for another commercialised bushwalk and has concerns about the feasibility process, track assessment and lack of resources the parks manager has available for land management, the fact hundreds of thousands of hectares of reserves around the state are proposed for reversal and logging, exposes the Hodgman Government hypocrisy on conservation.

“Premier Hodgman proposes to reverse reserves around iconic national parks like Ben Lomond, Douglas-Apsley and Bruny Island, to gift them to a logging industry that doesn’t want them back,” said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for the Wilderness Society

“As well as reversing reserves, the Liberal Government proposes to log inside 225,000 hectares of oldgrowth rainforest reserves in the Tarkine and Blue Tier, some of which were protected by John Howard and Paul Lennon!”

“This bushwalk feasibility highlights the constraints the Liberal’s illogical policy of logging reserves places on its own vision to benefit from Tasmania’s reserves, such that it is.”

‘While Premier Hodgman takes Tasmania’s reserves and conservation credibility backwards, he’s limiting the opportunities for locals, tourists and business to maximise the benefits that Tasmania’s national parks bring.

“When our national parks and reserves are so clearly underpinning our identity, prosperity and community well-being, it beggars belief a Premier wouldn’t seek to grow the formal reserve network and ensure that it is properly protected.

“After all, these areas proposed for logging are part of the 50% of Tasmania celebrated as ‘protected’, already managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service and don’t support a single timber industry job.

“If this bushwalk announcement was truly visionary, it would be accompanied by a plan to grow the national park network so as to maximise the land area that can be looked at and look for all available opportunities.

An on-the-ground example of reserves around the Douglas-Apsley that are proposed for logging below.


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Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc.