Elsewhere in the world any convicted felon caught in the possession of a firearm receives a mandated 5-year sentence. It is about time that laws are applied to the law breakers not the lawful.

Recently, the current Liberal party stated that they will go hard on crime. As a firearm owner, I find this ironic due to the way that they continue to mishandle legislation to curb firearm theft in the community.

Their idea of preventing criminals from stealing firearms is financially penalising potential victims i.e.; forcing people to buy $300+ safes to store a $45 single shot firearm or forcing people with more firearms to install upgraded safes and electronic. No other demographic of society is demonised this way.

We also don’t know the police man-hours that it will take to check compliance of 38,000-gun owners. It would be in the millions. How is this possible since the taxpayers are lumbered with a $1.2 million registry bill last year?

All the states signed up to the National Firearms Agreement post 1996 which stated that firearms should be stored in a receptacle that was not “easily penetrable”. The everyday interpretation of this is not being able to be forced open by hand of being kicked in. Targeted forced entry should be the focus on attention and tougher penalties for the criminals who break and enter.

Occasionally stolen firearms are retrieved from offenders being investigated for other criminal activity; it is these individuals and repeat firearms thieves that should be the focus of mandatory sentencing. This initiative was stymied in the Legislative Council because it was poorly drafted and would have caught up people living in the same house as the offender.
Carlo DiFalco Candidate for Lyons Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania