Jimmy Carr is bringing his ‘The best of, ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits World Tour’ to Australia (which included Western Australia and next week’s dates in Tasmania). A celebration of his fifteen years of stand up joke telling.

Jimmy is well known for his unique laugh, his darker humour and ability to involve himself with hecklers.

The Carr family originate from Limerick, Ireland and continued to keep Kildee and Limerick ties even after settling in the UK.

Jimmy proved himself to be academically gifted gaining a degree in Social Sciences and Political Science at university. In the mid – nineties he found himself working in an office marketing job for an oil company, which only left him, he tells me, feeling ‘sad’.

He attempted to inject some humour into his work life by taking on stand up gigs because he says ‘laughter is the shortest distance between people’. Stand up may be Jimmy’s passion but he has also proven himself a skilled TV presenter and actor and has appeared in an eclectic mix of TV shows, too many to name but some familiar to Australian viewers include ‘QI’ and ‘Top Gear’.

I spoke to Jimmy recently and he told me of his love for Australia because the people are ‘friendly’ and informed me how he enjoys reading about the history of the places he visits so he can put local references into his shows. He is very excited to be visiting Tasmania for the first time.

Jimmy believes everyone is funny but commitment makes a comedian. Jimmy is not interested in being one of those comedians who ‘open up with their own storytelling’ but instead is an ‘old fashioned comedian’ who specialises in jokes. Sometimes in the form of haiku’s!

His jokes are testament to his intelligence. They are ‘short, edgy and punchy’ including a great deal of word play that display his breadth of command of the English language.

Although Jimmy sites Billy Connelly and Spike Milligan as influences, when asked who is his favourite comedian he says, as a comedian of his status should ’me’.

Jimmy plays Tasmania on the following dates:

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 8pm Princess Theatre Launceston

Thursday, 22 February 2018 8pm Wrest Point Entertainment Centre
Paula Xiberras