Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Vice Chair, Ken Orr asks” How many more jobs will go? and when will the Minister and the EPA take their heads out the sand, and act”.

Innocent workers are losing their jobs, while the Government, the Minister Rockcliff and the EPA stand by doing absolutely nothing.

“Dissolved oxygen levels are at disastrously low levels and 2 to 3-kilo fish are suffocating in there thousands,” Orr said.

SFFP ask again, Where is the quarterly IMAS report, showing the health of Macquarie Harbour, why has it been delayed when it was due out in January?

Has it been held back until after the election? Does this mean the EPA is merely a Liberal Government puppet?

“SFFP wants a robust and sustainable salmon industry, but if these issues in Macquarie Harbour aren’t addressed immediately, more job losses could result. The harbour is a unique waterway” Orr said, and “current farming practices are not sustainable and there must be a total and immediate review.”
Ken Orr Vice Chair, Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania