Opposition Leader Rebecca White must explain exactly how she will pay for her disastrous pokies policy.

Yesterday, Ms White made no attempt to deny that her job-destroying pokies policy will immediately drive the budget into deficit through a combination of increased spending and lower revenues.

What will she cut to pay for it?

Are nurses on the chopping block? – the $55 million spending aspect of the policy alone would pay for around 550 nurses.

Or is Mr White going to pay for her disastrous, job-destroying policy by trying to close schools and sacking teachers, like Labor and the Greens did last time?

The worst thing about Ms White’s expensive, job-destroying policy is that it won’t actually have any impact on problem gambling, as embarrassingly exposed yesterday by the Bookmakers’ Association who are cheering the policy because they believe the 30 per cent of gamblers who don’t end up in a casino will end up at the track.
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer