It’s time for a paradigm shift in how we think about money

Do you know what you’re invested in?

Do you know what your bank invests your money in, or what your 401k or 403b or Roth IRA are invested in? Probably not. But chances are pretty good your invested money is not invested near where you actually live. And chances are also pretty good that your money probably isn’t helping make your community healthier or more financially stable.

Enter Slow Money, an investment strategy that keeps your money locally, in your community and in healthy, local food.

Michael Bartner, vice president of the Slow Money Institute, says slow money is both a conversation and a nationwide movement. The conversation starts around how to take some of your money out of Wall Street, and invest it in the local food ecosystem.

Why is that important? It promotes the health of the environment, your own health and your family’s, and it naturally promotes vibrant main streets and local economies …

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