SFFP Tasmania calls for a new approach to address the growing disaster that is the Tasmanian Health system.

The old way has failed us badly. This has never been more evident than now; it is time for a radical change. This issue is simply too complex for a one party approach we need the best minds combined to take us to better future health outcomes.

The latest report confirmed what is a harrowing assessment of what should be the most vital service available to the Tasmanian Community.

It is no secret that Tasmania suffers from generally poor health outcomes, chronic conditions, an ageing demographic and now no or very limited preventative health services in rural areas after the defunding of these vital agencies in December last year.

Successive governments have routinely failed in this portfolio and squandered untold public funds in poorly implemented policy. Opposition parties have added little positivity to the debate by simply point scoring and attacking based on partisan lines.

Not mentioned is the human cost incurred to health professionals, and other staff who have been chewed up and burned out in this unending treadmill of public scrutiny, excessive overtime and poorly planned, executed policy.

SFFP Tas will support a bi partisan Political Board/Commission to be formed from all elected parties to oversee the Health Portfolio. These members should determine health priorities, effective policy, staffing, budgeting and together formulate a truly effective long term Health Plan for this State, including reviewing hospital sites.

Also included should be the valuable contribution from medical professionals themselves who know better than all, the challenges and trending demands on their service.

Politics needs to be removed from the Health Portfolio immediately, elected and paid Politicians should be working for us, the Tasmanian community, regardless of what side they are on. We the public should not be working for them and should not accept anything less.

This Government’s plan of simply leaving this service in the chaotic status quo until after the State election is not acceptable. Too much has been lost so far.
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party