Poster re survey showing start & end dates, etc.

2. Survey position as at 6:27am on the 1st December

We congratulate Hobart’s young architects for their initiative in running a survey on height limits in Hobart. The survey ran from 5th to the 30th November and had over 5,000 submissions, suggesting that the results are a good reflection of public feeling on high-rise buildings in Hobart.

• Close to 73% do not want buildings above 75m

• Over 64% want the maximum at 60m or less

• Over 58% want the maximum at 45m or less

• Over 22% want the maximum at 30m or less

Clearly the great majority do not want skyscrapers. Hobart Not Highrise Inc. is pleased with this result, and thanks the young architects for their efforts.
Brian Corr, President, Hobart Not Highrise Inc., Peter Black, Treasurer, Hobart Not Highrise Inc.