PHOTO: The world’s first solar-power train runs on a three-kilometre stretch of line in Byron Bay. (ABC: Bruce Mackenzie).

Some days you open the news and see the future, which happened with an ABC story today, with a new approach to running an old train.

The story stated, “What is claimed to be the world’s first fully solar-powered train is operating on the New South Wales North Coast.”

“I nearly settled in Byron Bay in 2008, with a studio in the industrial park, so I could have been riding on that train,” Mr Peart observed.

Now living in Ross, Mr Peart wonders about getting a solar electric train running on the local line to Campbell Town, and south to Tunbridge.

Mr Peart observed, “Electric powered solar recharged trains should be the reality of our future, which must improve in efficiency as the technology is refined.”

The Ross train could be a test for extending the service from Hobart to Stanley, where old rail line can still be found.

Many small trains could provide a regular service along the line, and like the cars that are about to hit our roads, be robot driven.

The arrival of electric robot driven cars would provide a way to connect with the Ross electric train from outlying areas.

“Ross could be a testing ground for a system that could be put into service across Tasmania,” Mr Peart said.

LYONS ~ Mr Peart is prepared to run in the next election, should 100 voters agree and support this run, which is the number needed on the form.

AUSTRALIAN SPACE PARTY ~ The Australian Space Party is a business name registered in Australia, and will register as an Australian political party when 500 members are gathered in support.
Kim Peart, A lion for Lyons, Australian Space Party (prop.)